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Cleveland, Frymaster, Garland Promotion

Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on Garland, Frymaster and Cleveland

You are in the kitchen of your popular cafe at lunch time ready for a good crowd. You just launched a new special consisting of gourmet grilled cheese with a side of handcut fries or the soup of the day. Orders start flooding in, but your equipment has seen better days and can’t keep up. What are you supposed to do now?!

Garland, Frymaster and Cleveland offer unparalleled kitchen equipment ranging from  ranges and ovens to fryers, griddles, and so much more! Rest assured that your equipment can handle the lunch rush.


Since 1864, Garland has been producing kitchen equipment made to withstand the fast-paced environment of high-volume kitchens. From ranges, induction, counter-top equipment, and more, Garland has the piece you need for a complete kitchen.




Did you know that Frymaster has been awarded Overall Best in Class 15 consecutive years? This is no coincidence for the leader in commercial fryers who continually exceeds expectations in precision and quality. Set up your kitchen for success and shop Frymaster’s vast array of fryer options!

Frymaster Fryer

Cleveland Range

Cleveland Range is a leading manufacturer and designer of steam cooking equipment with a long and proud history of serving the foodservice industry with quality and innovative cooking devices. With main products of steamers, steamer-ovens, kettles, and braising pans, Cleveland Range will help you simplify your kitchen.



Shop Central

Ready to purchase? Visit our website to browse all Garland, Frymaster and Cleveland products at the lowest prices with free shipping! If you need assistance in your decision, our Product Consultants are here to help! Call them at 800-215-9293 or chat live with them now. Speak to your Product Consultant about a free catalog, or request a copy online.

Vollrath: Manufacturer Spotlight

The Vollrath Company has been a leader in the foodservice equipment industry dating back to 1874. Tough, durable and inexpensive products helped transform a small company into a worldwide corporation. Products ranging from cookware to mobile carts and kiosks are manufactured with the Vollrath mission and promise in mind to serve the foodservice industry.


In 1874, Jacob J. Vollrath established Vollrath Co. in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and first manufacturedcast iron utensils. He expanded the business in 1892 with sheet stamped wire. In the 1900’s sales offices opened up in Chicago, New York and San Francisco distributing items across the United States. Vollrath established their Original Equipment Manufacturer department in 1937. During World War II they manufactured stainless steel canteens and other military utensils for the troops. From 1951 to 1975, Vollrath lead the market for deep drawn stainless steel products for hospitals, restaurants and the home. They also celebrated 100 years as a company. By 1976, their foodservice product line expanded with the addition of plastic cookware, aluminum cookware in 1989 and food warmers in 1994. Vollrath is also present around the globe with locations in North America, Mexico, Europe, China and Latin America. Vollrath provides products for restaurants, health care, education, colleges, universities, lodging, resorts and supermarkets.


Now over 142 years old, Vollrath continues to make innovative and creative products

to supply the foodservice industry around the globe. Their products encompass everything an operation would need to successfully conduct business. Vollrath Steam Table Pans and Accessories help save energy. They come in heavy gauge stainless steel, high and low temperature plastic, perforated stainless steel and non-stick coated finishes.

Vollrath Cookware comes with or without non-stick coatings, and the Jacob’s Pride line offers a lifetime guarantee. Their Kitchen Essentials vary from dishers, spoons and ladles to their own innovative Spoodle utensils. They also ensure exact portion control. If you need hot foods hot, and cold foods cold, Vollrath’s line of
buffets and tabletops are meant for you. Vollrath’s Heating and Warming units hold food at safe temperatures and feature energy saving designs. Utility carts, equipment and merchandising carts give you flexibility to meet your function and style requirements. Their slicers are built to last and can accommodate large restaurant operations. Vollrath also offers Original Equipment Manufacturer custom products.

If you’re looking for products with quality and durability in mind, then Vollrath is for you. Vollrath always provides for what the customer needs. They state this in their promise:

“Setting the Standard.  That is what Vollrath is all about.  This stretches from our superior designed, innovative products, to our world class manufacturing facilities, to our top rated sales force and customer support.  You’ll see precisely how Setting the Standard manifests itself in cookware that cleans up easily, warmers that conserve energy, pans that won’t stick together, dishers that operate smoothly and efficiently, and more.  The fact is, we’ve been Setting the Standard for over 136 years, and plan to continue for another 136 more. It is our goal to incorporate great ideas into new and existing products as well as new ways to serve you better.”

You can research and shop for Vollrath products by going to our website. Vollrath also has great creative YouTube videos to help you learn more about their products and what they have to offer. Visit their YouTube page here. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Use Mobile Marketing for Immediate Results

Is your Smartphone always within reach? Have you named your Smartphone? Do you text with your friends and family more than your talk with them? Are you reading this on that phone right now? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions and you have NOT taken advantage of the benefits of mobile marketing you really need to swipe down for the rest of this article.

Your customer's Message to you is not always this clear

Your customer’s Message to you is not always this clear

Never Far From Our Phones

Even five years ago, text messaging was solely associated with teenagers tapping away with their thumbs about unrequited crushes and homework blues. Today, according to a report by mobile marketing firm Mogreet, 98% of all mobile consumers have access to text messaging and 95% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of their arrival. So why not use text message marketing to build a legitimate list of your establishment’s most rabid fans and instantly entice them to visit by offering valuable coupons or other offers. According to CMSText, another leading firm, redemption rates for text coupons run 10 to 30% on average – far higher than those of paper coupons.

How can you use this immediacy to your advantage? Think of a slow Tuesday night where many tables are free. Text a one-night ‘free appetizer’ offer to your customers and watch them stream through the front door. Overstocked on seafood? A quick text and it’s out the door and retained revenue. Last minute addition to your entertainment schedule? Let your customers know and watch them change their evening plans! The possibilities are almost limitless.

But What About Apps, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media

Mogreet Infographic – Mobile Customer Sales Funnel App Versus MMS

Mogreet Infographic – Mobile Customer Sales Funnel App Versus MMS

Tweets and status updates used to be a great way to reach customers, but with the monetization strategies in place at Twitter and Facebook you can no longer be guaranteed that your ‘free’ message will even be seen by your customers. If it does reach the recipient’s eyes, Mogreet says social clutter results in 71% of all tweets being ignored. These social platforms are useful when customers are seeking out information about your business, but now rarely have an impact when you are trying to get the word out quickly.

As for apps, Mogreet once again reminds us (via a fancy Infographic) of the massive filter that limits your customer base when using an app. Every company you encounter is asking you to install their app – which is usually just a copy of their website. While most Smartphone users have dozens of apps on their phones, typically they will only use a couple on a regular basis. Save your resources and beef up your mobile website alongside investing in a text messaging campaign.

More hints, tips and how to get started

Ready to start? First, find yourself a reputable mobile marketing company for the administrative and infrastructure functions.  To keep text message marketing from becoming the next wasteland of spam-filled messages, a number of strict regulations and standards have been adopted by the mobile industry. Choose a company that uses Shortcodes – those 6 digit ‘text numbers’ that identify a specific sender.

Next, build your customer list through ethical means. Use opt-in systems to ensure your recipients want to receive your messages, and respect their decisions if they decide to leave. You can use incentives and instant offers to entice your customers to sign up right at their tables. Invest in some additional table tents (cheap plug, we sell them at Central) and explicitly spell out the value your customer will receive. Also, make sure your staff is enthusiastic about the concept. Finally, remember to stay on message and limit your communications to a reasonable number. Your customer should never receive more than one or two messages per week unless it is for an immediate or extra-ordinary valuable offer.

Remember, the more rabid customers that sign-up, then more customers you can reach which will increase your revenue potential.  Just do it before your competition does!

Celebrate Summer Savings With 15% Off All Vollrath Products through Central Restaurant Products

To kick off the release of our new 401 page catalog, Central Restaurant Products has teamed up with The Vollrath Company for an exclusive promotion. This promotion will be featured in both the catalog and CentralRestaurant.com, and will offer the food service industry 15% off all Vollrath products. Central carries hundreds of Vollrath items in stock, and will ship the same day if ordered by 5 p.m. EST. This promotion will run through September 5.

About Vollrath

For over 100 years, Vollrath has been a trusted name in restaurant equipment and smallwares. Their philosophy is to produce products that help customers outperform every day. Vollrath’s innovation and commitment to quality earned them Foodservice Equipment and Supplies “Best in Class” awards in 2013 for cookware, induction, table top and buffet and manual food processors.

Vollrath provides a vast assortment of restaurant and foodservice items, ranging from cookware, buffet units, food processors, kitchen utensils, mixers, warewashing supplies and more. The food service industry will find thousands of Vollrath products on Central’s website at www.centralrestaurant.com.

Shop Vollrath at Central

To find more information on Central’s exclusive promotion with Vollrath, visit CentralRestaurant.com. A catalog can be requested either on the website or by calling 800-215-9293.



Now through September 5, 2014, take advantage of 15% OFF all Vollrath products through Central Restaurant Products! Hundreds of items are in stock and ready to ship the same day when ordered before 5 p.m. EST.

Need help? We know how challenging it can be to navigate through the sea of information to find the right equipment and supplies for your establishment. We are here to help you make the most informed purchase and ensure you are confident in your final decision. Call us at 800?215?9293 to speak with an expert Product Consultant, or read through our Buying Guides!
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*Same Day Shipping is available for orders placed before 5:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Excludes holidays and days where shipping services are not available. Specific quantities subject to availability.

Halloween Restaurant Promotions

Witches, goblins, ghosts and ghouls alike unite! Halloween is tomorrow! As a highly-popular holiday, Halloween always stirs the pot in the marketing world of restaurants. Halloween provides restaurants with the opportunity to be creative, and cast some fun on a typical business day. Whether you’re looking to score a deal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, we’ve found some deals perfect for a family fright night!

Start off your day with a sweet treat. This October, Krispy Kreme is selling Pumpkin, Cobweb and Halloween Sprinkle doughnuts deemed “Krispy Skremes”. Krispy Kreme is offering a free doughnut for every customer dressed in a costume. Show off your Halloween spirit and get a free pumpkin spice or Halloween doughnut. Simple enough! No purchase is necessary! Dunkin’ Donuts is also offering a new October treat, the “Boston Scream” donut. Dunkin’ Donuts is also having a Twitter and Instagram contest. Dress up your cup from DD during Halloween for a chance to win a $100 Dunkin’ Donuts Card!

Even the usual go-to chains are getting into the Halloween spirit. Take children to Subway so they can not only have a healthy Halloween lunch, but also receive a reusable Disney Frankenweenie-inspired bag and glow stick. Perfect for trick-or-treating! A Halloween lunch doesn’t have to be frightenly expensive either. McDonald’s is offering coupon books for one dollar when in return you get 12 free product coupons inside! These could be a great purchase for cheap meals in the future, or to pass out for trick-or-treating. Chipotle is reinstating their usual “Dress to Kill” fundraiser.  This year the theme is “Food With Integrity”, referencing Chipotle’s use of quality ingredients. Customers are encouraged to dress up as “a horrifying processed food product”. Those who visit a Chipotle after 6 p.m. on Halloween and are dressed in costume with get a burrito, bowl, salad or an order of tacos for only two dollars. The proceeds go to Food Revolution, an organization seeking to sway Americans away from processed foods.

Dinner with a family can always get a little pricey, but these deals are no trick! Whether it be promotions or kids eating free, restaurants have you covered on Halloween night. Pizza Inn is letting all children ten years old or younger receive a free “boo-fet” with the purchase of one adult “boo-fet”. Kids also eat free at all Outback Steakhouse locations on Halloween night with the purchase of one adult entrée. You also receive a treat inside of the beverage books placed on your table on Halloween night in addition to kids eating free doubling the spook-tacular deal! Dickey’s Barbeque Pit is also letting little ghosts and goblins eat free on Halloween night, but only if they come dressed in costume. Put a smile on your family’s face when you order a specially shaped jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s! If you’re really looking for a cheap, quick bite to eat on Halloween night, look to Sonic. They’re having 50 cent corn dogs ALL DAY long! And this is certainly not a trick!

To end the night on a sweet note, pick up a Baskin-Robbins Halloween ice cream cake. The real treat of the night comes in three choices: Haunted House, Pumpkin Face or Fall Harvest Roll. All choices will cap off your hauntingly good time right!

Robot Coupe and Central Team Up For Great Food Processor Promotion!

If you plan to purchase a food processor this year, we have a great promotion you should take advantage of.

From February 1 through August 31, with every purchase of model #455-003, a Robot Coupe standard three quart food processor with a plastic bowl, you will get a stainless steel bowl kit at no additional cost.  This kit includes a bowl, lid and additional S-blade—which is a $392 value.

To give you a little bit of information about the food processor (#455-003 only), its bowl attachment does a superb job of preparing dough and acts as a tabletop vertical cutter/mixer.  The bowl comes in your choice of gray or clear.

It is 8”Wx103/4”Dx41/2”H and weighs 31 pounds.  The continuous feed attachment (included) is designed to make large prep jobs a snap.  This 1HP unit can prepare up to 800 servings in three hours.  It also has a one year parts and labor warranty.

Other features of the food processor include:

  • Stainless steel “S’ cutting and mixing blade
  • Stainless steel 5/64” grating disc and 5/32” slicing disc
  • Pulse switch for greater user control
  • 120V
  • On/off operation
  • Food pusher

Check out this product online here or contact a Product Consultant at 800-222-5107.

Dexter Sani-Safe Cutlery and Utensils

If you’re looking to purchase cutlery and utensils, take a look at our Dexter Sani-Safe Cutlery and Utensils promotion.  This selection of cutlery, turners and spatulas are 20 percent off.

This promotion is available until December 17, just in time for holiday parties and catering events.  There is a wide variety of options for sani-safe cutlery and utensils.  There is one item for almost any job!

Dexter sani-safe cutlery and utensils are built to be tough and sanitary.  A textured, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean polypropylene handle withstands both high and low temperatures.

An impervious blade-to-handle seal provides the utmost in sanitary qualification.

The stain-free, high-carbon steel blade has an individually ground and honed edge which makes it excel for commercial use.

All of these items are made in the United States and are NSF certified.

Dexter-Russell, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the world.  They provide The Dexter Edge which is professional cutlery designed, built and tested to be people friendly and kitchen tough.

Dexter notes they have listened to their customers and are determined to excel at what’s most important to them—sharp knives right out of the box and long-lasting, easily restored edges.

View a full list of items available for this promotion here.

For more questions about Dexter sani-safe cutlery and utensils, contact a Product Consultant at 800-222-5107 or view the cutlery or utensils on our website.