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Energy Star Rebates

You work hard to build a successful restaurant, run a school cafeteria, or serve residents at the local nursing home. But the electricity and gas bills are making are making it hard to stay on budget. Energy Star products are engineered to use less energy and to have a smaller footprint on our environment. These products have the same functions as standard products, but do with using less energy. Plus, many Energy Star products qualify for large rebates!

Energy Star has a plethora of information available on their website for helping you know how these products can benefit your operation. Information includes a guide for cafes, restaurants, and institutional kitchens as well as an Equipment Savings Fact Sheet. But how large of a rebate can you receive? Take these few products as an example:

Central #515-174

Commercial Griddles

Lifetime savings: $1,100 (gas) or $1,300 (electric)

Benefits: Improved thermostatic controls and
high production capacity

Rebates: from $20 up to $1,500

In California, The Vulcan VCCG48 (pictured above), receives a rebate of $400


Central #440-019

Commercial Fryers

Lifetime savings: $1,200 (electric) or $4,800

Benefits: Quicker recovery for continuous production and
improved thermostat accuracy

Rebates: $20-$1,900

In Pennsylvania, the Pitco 40D (pictured above), receives a rebate of $1,400 Per Fry Pot. With a sale price of $885, that puts  $515 in your pocket!


Central #894-350

Glass Door Freezers

Lifetime savings: $2,000-$4,300

Benefits: Improved fan blade design and uniform
cabinet temperatures

Rebates: $25-$1,000

In California, the TurboAir TGF-72SD (pictured above), receives a rebate of $1,000.


Energy Star products range in their lifetime savings and their rebates. Rebates will also vary greatly by state. Be sure to check the rebates available from your state’s energy website. Have further questions? Speak with one of our helpful product consultants at 800.215.9293 and browse our website to see all of the great Energy Star qualified products we have available!