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Central Exclusive Value Series

Central Exclusive and Value Series Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Great Features and Prices

In the market for a new commercial refrigeration or an ice machine? Central has you covered! Our selection of Central Exclusive and Value Series refrigeration and ice machines has great features at great pricing! No matter what your budget is, these two lines of equipment will work for you. From merchandisers and coolers to prep tables and all of your ice needs, we have an option for you.

Plus, most items are in stock and have free same-day shipping. This will get the equipment you need to you as quickly as possible!

ExclusiveCentral Exclusive

Central Exclusive equipment are products designed with you in mind and can only be found at Central.  They have been hand-selected for you and your operation because of their high-quality design and construction. Central Exclusive equipment meets the extreme demands of a commercial kitchen, school cafeteria and all other foodservice establishments.

By choosing Central Exclusive equipment for your business, you can also take advantage of:

  • Free shipping
  • Extended warranties
  • Great pricing

Value SeriesValue Series

Our Value Series line of equipment meets our high quality standards but are priced lower than leading national brands. We feel you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when trying to keep to your budget and making your customers happy.

All Value Series products must meet the following standards:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality grade materials and construction
  • Efficient performance
  • Reliability and durability

Central Exclusive Value Series ProductsShop Now

Be sure to take advantage of great prices and quality products with our Central Exclusive and Value Series refrigeration and ice machines. Plus, most items qualify for free same day shipping.

Central Exclusive Cooking and Refrigeration

Central Exclusive Cooking and Refrigeration

Central Exclusive

Great news! Our latest master catalog featuring our Central Exclusive line of cooking and refrigeration is out! Central Exclusive equipment has been designed with your foodservice in mind and can only be found through us!

All items are in-stock and ship for free.

But wait, there’s more! If you need them fast, just place your order by 5 p.m. EST and we’ll be sure to get it out the door that day. Does it get any better?

Central Exclusive Cooking EquipmentCooking

Wondering what cooking equipment we have through the Central Exclusive? We’ve got a great selection for you!

  • Ovens
  • Ranges
  • Holding Cabinets
  • Countertop Equipment

Central Exclusive RefrigerationRefrigeration

When it comes to refrigeration, we have you covered with the following items that include a two year parts and labor warranty (except on ice machines, which have either a one or three year warranty depending on the model):

  • Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Prep Tables
  • Glass Door Merchandisers
  • Undercounters
  • Self-Contained Ice Machines
  • Cuber Ice Machines

Ready to Shop?

Ready to buy? Check out our Central Exclusive cooking and refrigeration on our website.

If you are in need of assistance, our Product Consultants are here to help answer any of your questions. Give them a call at 800-215-9293 or chat with them live now.

To request a free catalog, speak to your Product Consultant or request your free copy.

Frosted Glass from BevAir RC-500

Hot New Products in Our Cool Refrigeration Lineup

If the heat of the summer has you down, just open the pages of Central’s new July catalog and feel the cool relief from one of our newly added Refrigeration products! Check out a new glass chiller from Beverage Air, new compact merchandisers from Summit, or the 72 cu. ft. glass door merchandiser from our own Central Exclusive line. For your ice cream needs, there are new Value Series ice cream freezers and merchandisers and new Waring waffle cone bakers.  New ice producing products include Scotsman’s updated nugget ice makers/dispenser line and introduction of their updated Prodigy Plus ice machines. It is a lot to take in, but your Central Restaurant Product Consultants will be there to help.

Frost and a Light Show with the Beverage Air RC-500

Is your bar looking for a little flash to go with that frost? Beverage Air introduced their new rapid chill glass froster at the NAFEM show in February. Our buyers and salespeople loved it. It’s great for chilling beer, champagne and cocktail glasses without watering down the drink. The froster uses a blast of CO2 (canister sold separately) and takes less than ten seconds per glass. It is counter-mountable and requires two AA batteries to power the LED light show. We wrote about the RC-500 on our May 11th blog titled The RC-500: Frost and Flair from Bev-Air. Check out it out for more detail, including a video of the froster in action. We know you are hooked! Buy one now.

Beverage Air RC-500

Beverage Air RC-500

New Merchandisers of all Sizes

At fast food and fast-casual restaurants, upsell grab-and-go beverages at the register are big sellers. Plus, offering premium beverages from Monster or others can really help your profit line. To help you merchandise these products properly, we have added a number of countertop and undercounter merchandisers from Summit. At around 26″H, the #804-019 can be placed on your counter near your register to grab last-second sales. It has a glass door and LED lighting to highlight the product. The #804-014 and #804-017 are upscale look solid door models that will complement your back bar or similar environments. Check out our entire new assortment, including freezer models online.Need a large freezer merchandiser? We added the Central Exclusive 72 cu. ft. freezer with three glass doors to our Central Exclusive lineup. The new #69K-059 has the same great features of our other Exclusive models, including a two year parts and labor, five year compressor warranty. Plus, we’ve included free shipping and an extremely affordable price.
New Summit Merchandisers

New Summit Merchandisers

#69k-059 Freezer Merchandiser

#69k-059 Freezer Merchandiser

Upgrade your Ice Cream Experience

In the ice cream business? We’ve added a new Value Series 4-tub ice cream storage freezer. The #354-036 has a slim footprint that allows you to stock high-volume flavors near your main dipping cabinet. It’s only 15″ wide and has a selectable temperature from -13 to +19 degrees – making it perfect for any environment or ice cream type. We also added new Value Series curved top merchandising freezers. Available in six sizes, they make it easy for your customers to select and grab any number of frozen treats through the glass top. Storage baskets keep product at hands reach, but can be removed for access to excess boxed stock below. Choose standard white or with a graphics package available in four colors (at an additional charge).If you serve ice cream cones, consider offering the upsell to a waffle cone. It’s easy with our pair of newly added Waring waffle cone bakers. These compact makers are made from heavy duty die-cast housing and will be the workhorses of your ice cream shoppe. The #800-187 can produce up to 60 cones per hour, while the double iron #800-187 makes up to 120. Each comes with cone rolling and forming tools to ensure a perfect cone every time!
New Ice Cream Freezers

New Ice Cream Freezers

Waring Single Waffle Cone Baker

Waring Single Waffle Cone Baker

Ice Machine Improvements

You say that there isn’t much innovation in ice machines? Our new offering from Scotsman says otherwise. First, we added their new Meridian™ series of nugget ice makers with touch-free ice and water dispensing. They are an update from the now discontinued MDT line. These countertop machines feature 260 lbs. to 500 lbs. of ice production a day in a space-maximizing footprint and are more energy and water efficient than their predecessors. While these units are popular in healthcare environments, they are perfect for any establishment when ice and water are frequently dispensed. Check out our three models, the HID312A-1 (260 lb. production with 12 lb. bin), the HID-525A-1 (500 lb. production with 25 lb. bin) or the HID-540A-1 (500 lb. production with a larger 40 lb. storage bin).Upgrades have also come to the Scotsman line of cuber heads with the move to Prodigy Plus® technology. Scotsman moved the air filter to the front on air cooled models to allow more efficient ice production and tighter installations between walls or other equipment. Service and maintenance are simplified with new Industry-exclusive QR codes that allows your technician to easily connect with serial number-specific service history and user manuals for your unit. Plus, new AutoAlert ™ indicator lights lets you know the machine’s operational status and warns of possible production interruptions. Finally, a hard water condition detector will purge mineral-laden water with every freeze cycle, reducing scale buildup and extending time between normal cleanings. These new features are available throughout the entire line of Scotsman modular cube ice machines.
Meridian Series Nugget Ice Machines with Dispenser

Meridian Series Nugget Ice Machines with Dispenser

Prodigy Plus™ Units now have front air filters

Prodigy Plus™ Units now have front air filters

Request your Catalog Today!

We’ve been working hard to find the new products that meet our high quality standards while still providing the value you expect from Central. Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to introduce you to our newest additions – all of which are available on our website and in the pages of our printed catalog. If you are not already on our mailing list, drop us a catalog request and we’ll ship one right out to you. It’s a great way to browse our wide selection commercial restaurant equipment and supplies when you are away from your computer or smartphone. Be sure to reach out to one of our knowledgeable Product Consultant when you have questions. Give one a call at 800-215-9293, or start an online chat with us right now!

Prolonging Your Refrigeration Equipment’s Life Through Preventative Maintenance

It’s Friday evening just before the dinner rush and you open your kitchen’s refrigerator. But instead of that welcoming, icy cool blast of air (that is usually so refreshing in contrast to the hot kitchen), you feel the luke-warm surprise of an under-performing refrigeration unit. Do you need a service call? A replacement? Could this have been prevented? In many cases, your unit may be just struggling to overcome the environment where it is located.

Regular Condenser Cleanings and Maintenance

You can lengthen the reign of your refrigerator with consistent preventive maintenance from the day you buy it. Your kitchen is a hot, damp, greasy and dusty environment that can negatively affect any piece of equipment. That is why it is important to regularly clean your unit’s condenser coils of dust and debris. Most manufacturer’s recommend a monthly check and cleaning that takes just minutes.

Cleaning Your True Condenser

Cleaning Illustrations from a True refrigerator manual

Manufacturers have made accessing the condenser relatively easy. In most cases, the front grill can be removed from your unit by turning a few screws or wing nuts. Here you will find the condenser which helps pull the heat out of your coolant and returns cooler air to the inside of your unit. If this bundle of fins, tubing and metal lattice is blocked, your refrigerator is being overworked when trying to maintain the proper temperatures. Use a heavy duty nylon wire brush to clear the fins in a top to bottom motion. Be careful not to poke or prod the tubing which can cause costly damage. Afterwards, you can use a shop vacuum to remove the smaller dust particles that remain. Usually, it is not necessary to use soap or water to clean this part. Your job is done when you can see through the condenser to the back of the unit.

Remember Your Fan Blades Too

While your maintenance access is open, check the fan motor and blades. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the refrigerator is unplugged to ensure they don’t start up during cleaning. Again, a soft brush or shop vac is useful here, although a soapy rag with warm water may be necessary if there is grease or other buildup on your blades. Just be careful to safeguard your motor and other electrical parts from the water.

Other Preventive and Cosmetic Maintenance

There are several other parts of your refrigerator that can use some consistent attention. First, many manufacturer’s units have easily removable door gaskets. These should be removed periodically and soaked in warm soapy water to remove debris that can block your door from completely closing or even contribute to food contamination. Position of food inside your refrigerator can also affect performance. When vents are blocked, or air is not permitted to flow properly around the edges of your unit – the performance is decreased. Refer to your unit’s instruction manual to learn the best configuration. Finally, is your refrigerator in view of your customer? Then you’ll want to help your exterior shine. Food grade stainless steel cleaner or mild hand soap with warm water is recommended. Never use abrasive cleaners or steel wool.

Central is Here to Help

Back to the Friday night scenario. You checked your airflow, condenser and gasket and there are still problems. Remember, your Central Restaurant product consultant can help you find a service option or even work to rush you an in-stock replacement from True or any of our other valued vendors. But remember, in many cases these issues can be prevented or prolonged with some simple ongoing maintenance steps. Steps that can reduce your energy costs and increase the longevity of your unit from the very day you buy it.

Refrigeration and Furniture: Central’s New Products

Refrigeration and Furniture: Latest Adds!

When you check out our Central Restaurant Products’ latest master catalog (released today, Monday July 7th), you’ll find 401 pages full of everything you’ll need for your restaurant or kitchen. You will also find hundreds of new and exciting products, including many from our Refrigeration and Furniture categories. Here’s a look at a few of the additions. If you are not on our mailing list, remember to request your new catalog now!

Expanded Central Exclusive Refrigeration

Last year, Central introduced our new line of Exclusive Reach-In Refrigerators and Pizza Prep Tables. This year, we expand that selection with our new Glass Door Merchandisers, Undercounters and Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables. These full featured items are durable and include free shipping along with a two year parts and labor warranty. They also carry a five year warranty on the compressor.


If you are looking for great quality on a budget – you can’t go wrong with our Central Exclusive models.

New Traulsen Milk Coolers at Central

Traulsen Milk Coolers

Traulsen has always been a trusted name in refrigeration, and they recently expanded their expertise to milk coolers. Central now advertises their new line-up of high quality forced air models with free shipping. Each model has a 100% stainless steel cabinet design inside and out. They are lockable with front sliding doors and lift-up top entry. Choose from single or dual access units in sizes that hold from 8 to 16 crates of milk.

Granite Table Tops

Granite Table Tops with Plywood Core

Real granite tables give your restaurant a fantastic upscale look. The downside has been cost and weight. This July, Central added another great option with Art Marble granite table tops with an inner plywood core. Both cost and weight are reduced significantly. Central offers these new tops in sizes from 24″Wx30″D to 30″Wx72″D. Plus, round sizes up to 48″. They are available for quick shipping in five attractive colors: Uba-Tuba II, Giallo Gold, Black Galaxy, Kasmir White and Ruby Red. Central carries compatible table bases as well. Upgrade today!

New Value Series Metal and Wood Seating

As seating trends change, Central keeps up with the times. We’ve added over a dozen new styles and color options to our Value Series metal and wood seating that are perfect for your dining room. These Value Series products are carefully selected from top vendors to provide a quality, durable chair for those on a budget. Choose from several School House styles and slat or ladder back options. You’ll find a chair that both your eyes and your wallet will admire.

New Value Series Dining Room Seating

Synthetic Teak Outdoor Furniture

New Synthetic Teak Outdoor Furniture

The Teakwood look is hot right now, and many are turning to synthetic teak furniture to keep the beautiful look without the maintenance of real teak. Central has added new styles of faux teak outdoor chairs and tables – several of which are Central Exclusive models. They feature powdercoated aluminum frames in black or silver. Tables are available in many sizes as well as matching table bases. Stay up with the trends with furniture that will weather the long term.


Stay Tuned for More New Products

Over the next few Mondays, we’ll continue to feature new products on the Central Blog, including a  bonus blog on Cooking Equipment tomorrow. Can’t wait? Check out all our new products on our website.


10 Helpful Tips For Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be difficult – you need to know a lot about your facility to have a successful business.  Central has compiled some helpful tips that range from dining room apparel to cleaning supplies to keep your restaurant in tip top shape.

Dining Room

  • Don’t Know What Size Gloves To Order? Gloves need to fit properly in order to ensure proper sanitary and safety conditions. To measure, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your palm. This measurement is closest to your actual glove size shown in the chart on this link.
  • Keep Your Liquor Pourers Clean! Pourers allow a smooth flow of liquid out of a bottle by providing a path for air to enter the bottle. Liquid will not come out of the bottle if the air vent is blocked. You need to clean your pourers so that sugar cannot build up inside the vents. For information on the dos and don’ts of pourer cleaning, click here!
  • Are Your Bar Glasses Crystal Clear? Everyone wants a nice-looking, freshly cleaned glass when they order a drink at a restaurant, so make sure yours are sparkling! Glass washers are designed to fit in any bar sink and are best used with a three compartment sink. The first compartment contains the washer, luke warm water and liquid detergent. The second compartment should have clean water while the third should have clean water with a sanitizer.
  • Easily Turn Any Table Into A Showpiece! Looking to turn your table from boring to wow-worthy? Consider an ice sculpture! Ice sculpture models that are filled with tap water will turn out bright white. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze it for 48 to 72 hours. Cut away the mold starting at the base. Sculptures lasts for about four to five hours at room temperature, and last longer in cooler temperatures!
  • Think Ahead, So Your Chafers Are Ready When  You Are When you’re catering a big event, your worst fear is unappealing, cold food! Don’t let this happen to you! Ensure warm food by heating water in your chafer before dropping in your hot food pans about 20 minutes before you’re supposed to serve. Don’t forget to light the fuel either!
  • How Many Bar Glasses Do You Need? Estimating how many glasses you need for your restaurant can be a chore, so take the guess-work out of it and use our handy chart!
  • Ordering The Correct Glass Rack Size  It’s important to remember to choose a glass rack that has a greater compartment size than the maximum diameter of your glass. Also, select a rack that has a higher height than your glass.

Food Preparation

  • Advantages Of Cooking With Steam  Steam cooking has been around for thousands of years, and has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages: 1. “Steam-cooked foods look much brighter and fresher than those foods cooked by other methods. 2. Steam cooking saves energy. 3. Steam cooking retains more nutrients in the food. For example, a food that is steam-cooked loses 40% of its original amount of Vitamin C. A food that is boiled loses 70%. 5. Foods are more tender at the end of cooking. 6. You can use less fat additives when cooking with steam because you won’t need to use oils to keep food from sticking.” This information about cooking with steam is from our helpful link, located here.


  • Choosing The Best Ice Machine For Your Needs Ice machines are essential to any business in the foodservice industry. It’s important to choose the correct one to ensure you’re getting the most out of your machine. First, you must choose between air cooled and water cooled machines. Air cooled machines remove the heat from the water and into the air surrounding the machine. Water cooled machines remove the heat from the water by moving that heat into waste water. These machines are quieter, but use more water than air cooled ones. Click here for a chart that helps you choose what level of ice production you’ll need for your business.


  • Installing Your Grease Interceptor & What Size You Need A grease interceptor should be installed as close to the fixture it is servicing as possible. An interceptor is crucial because it prevents grease from accumulating in the piping. Consult a professional for help with installation. A helpful calculation  can determine the correct size for your kitchen.

Buying for your restaurant can be a hard task. Choosing the right equipment is essential to a profitable business, yet it can be complicated. Central has also put together buying guides to help you make the best informed decision you can.

Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on True Commercial Refrigeration

Central Restaurant Products has teamed up with True Manufacturing, a world leader in commercial refrigeration for over 65 years, to provide the lowest prices on True’s full line of refrigeration, along with free shipping.

Central carries nearly 2,000 of True’s products from reach-ins, prep tables and merchandisers to bar refrigerators, undercounters and worktops.  Central has hundreds of these True products in-stock and available for same day shipping.

All of True’s products are made in the USA and each unit is tested before it is released into inventory.  True has the government’s Energy Star label on many pieces of their equipment and have also earned Foodservice Equipment and Supplies’ “Best in Class” award for the 11th consecutive year on their heavy equipment. Click below to shop! And don’t hesitate to contact a Central Product Consultant at 800-215-9293 with any questions.

Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on True Refrigeration
Bar Refrigerators Prep Tables
Merchandisers Prep Tables Milk Coolers Deli Cases
Refrigerators Freezers Undercounters Warming Holding
True Footer

*Same Day Shipping is available for orders placed before 4:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Excludes holidays and days where shipping services are not available. Specific quantities subject to availability.