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Tip of the Day: Sanitizing Methods

There are two common forms of sanitizing systems for dishwashers: High Temperature Sanitizing and Chemical Sanitizing. The Differences?

High Temperature Sanitizing Machines

High temperatures sanitizing dishwashing machines use heat to sanitize dishes and glassware. These machines require a booster heater to raise the temperature of the final rinse to 180°. Some machines require the separate purchase of a booster heater.

Unlike the Low Temperature Chemical Sanitizing machines, these do not require regular purchasing of chemicals, however, they typically use slightly more energy than a chemical sanitizing machine.

Chemical Sanitizing (Low Temperature) Machines

These machines use a chemical bath to sanitize dishes and glassware, thus requiring a monthly purchase of chemicals. However, these machines reduce water heating energy costs.

They are usually less effective when washing grease-laden wares as opposed to high temperature units, and dishes may not dry as effectively if humidity in the dish room is too high.


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