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Store your kegs with New Age Industrial

Shelves- Built to Withstand the Impact Shock of Dropped Kegs

These heavy-duty aluminum units store 1/6, ¼ and ½ barrels (kegs) of beer as well as dry general storage. These keg shelves are extra-reinforced for the added abuse associated with handling kegs. Unlike most wire shelves, these units have easy-to-clean flat surfaces that aid in the easy-on and easy-off of smaller heavy product. Approved for use in freezers, displays, as well as packaging and storage areas, these heavy-duty, all welded aluminum racks, keep product organized and off the floor while providing adequate air flow.


Fully adjustable shelves can be raised or lowered to fit your specific requirements. Units assemble in minutes with only an Allen wrench (provided). Aluminum posts are marked in 2” increments for easy leveling with all ends capped.

Guaranteed to Last

Each rack carries a Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion as well as a Five-Year Guarantee against material defects and workmanship.

Roll Kegs with Ease- Keg Carriers

All welded keg carriers nest securely on our BDT Trucks for safe keg transport. The carrier is easy to install, no tools required and is easily removed when not in use. Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion. Five-Year Guarantee against material defects and workmanship.

 Secure Storage

Install your own security system with New Age Security Fences. Designed to keep your epicurean products secure, in ANY atmosphere. Fences are ideal for backroom, cooler and freezer installations. Custom built to meet your specific cooler/needs. Security Fences are built tough with heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and bolted together with stainless steel hardware. Slotted panel construction keeps individuals out, without hindering the flow of air or light into the space. The door is easily padlocked for security. Constructed of Primary grade, rust proof aluminum.


Now you can design your own keg shelving system, options include:

Solid Shelf Cover: Constructed of 5052-H32 aluminum alloy, .065” thick sheet.

EZ Panel Regulator Mount: Constructed of 5052-H32 aluminum alloy .125” thick sheet.

1/2 Shelf: Framework for the keg shelves is constructed out of 1½” x 2¾” x .070” wall tubing. Keg Shelf laterals are constructed out of 1½” x 211⁄16” x .15” wall channel. Shelves utilize standard posts that are constructed out of 15⁄16” Diameter pipe (Sold Separately).

Five Year Guarantee against material defects and workmanship. Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion.

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Tuesday Tips: Shelving and Storage

Storage solutions is a key component in your food service application that is often overlooked. Efficient use of space can help maintain cleanliness, speed of service and ultimately the overall bottom line of the business. When considering the type of shelving needs for your storage area, it is best to choose the type and construction based on your application.



Vented is the most popular type of shelving. Its open design takes advantage of the minimal surface area. Advantages indclude:

  • Good circulation for drying and temperature regulation
  • Lower weight allows for easier mobility
  • Shelf design allows for easier loading and unloading of productVented Shelf


The one-piece construction of solid shelves gives more surface area for storage. Advantages include:

  • Easy to clean surface
  • Ideal for messy areas like food prep and warewashing
  • Good for controlling spills and storing small itemsSolid Shelf


Shelving can be constructed from metal, polymer plastic or a hybrid of both.


The most common metal shelving is vented wire shelving consisting of epoxy coated or plated steel wire frame. Plating or coating the metal wires helps provide durability and corrosion and is usually a lower in price. Solid shelving is also available and the typical construction is a corrosion-resistant metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum. While epoxy-coated and s/s shelving is suitable for wet or humid areas, plated shelving should be considered for dry storage only

Polymer plastic

It is a more recent development that provides great corrosion resistance, light component weight and does not sacrifice capacity. Polymer plastic shelving is ideal for humid or moist storage areas. Typical polymer plastic models are more expensive than traditional wire shelving—but extra-long warranties help create long-term solutions.


Hybrid shelving combines the best of both worlds, by utilizing a metal structure and polymer components. This gives you added cleanability from polymer and the flexibility to mix up shelving components to match your application. Most shelving units that use both polymer components and metal components have a price range that falls into the middle.

Shelf Weight Capacity

Eash unit lists its shelf weight capacity. This applies to stationary units only. The shelf capacity on mobile units varies depending on the caster’s weight capacity.


Models are available with antimicrobial protection. This helps to defend against mold, bacteria and mildew growth.


Cambro Camshelving® Elements Series Solves Food Storage Needs

Cambro Camshelving® Elements Series

Cambro’s Camshelving® Elements Series is an affordable solution for restaurants and foodservices for all their food storage needs. Weighing 60 percent lighter than steel units, Camshelving® is incredibly easy to set up and adjust. And just because it weighs less than steel doesn’t mean it is any less durable. Camshelving® is constructed of a composite material that is just as strong and has a weldless construction.  It’s one of the most innovative, durable and hygienic shelving solutions on the market.


Camshelving® units have a non-porous surface that easily wipes clean. As far as the shelf plates go, they can be removed and placed in a dishwasher to be cleaned. Camshelving® also includes Camguard® antimicrobial protection that is permanently embedded into the shelf plates.

“Because Camguard® is blended throughout the the entire shelf and does not migrate like organic additives, any nicks or scratches in the shelving will simply expose a fresh surface containing Camguard® antimicrobial,” Cambro said in a Camguard® whitepaper.


Restaurants and foodservices will appreciate the options Camshelving® has in many different widths.  Add-on kits can be purchased to expand a shelving area and do not change shelf weight capacities.  Shelves are available in solid or vented to accommodate different storage areas. There also mobile units available too. Camshelving® can truly be customized to fit any need.

In this week’s video, see just how durable Camshelving® really is and shop Central’s website for all things Cambro.

Cambro CamShelving Video

Cambro CamShelving is a necessity for any business in the foodservice industry.

The easy to clean, rust-free and durable shelving system maximizes your storage space. The removable shelves allow flexibility and adjustments as inventory alternates.

Watch this video to  learn how to easily put together a CamShelving unit in three minutes.

Click here to watch this week’s video.


Tips to Stay Organized in Catering Chaos

A catering department is made of many roles—each of them being important. If one thing fails, it’s automatically a chain reaction.  Here are a few tips for staying organized in chaos and some ideas to prevent it.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure—Make Reminders

In a rush, someone is likely to pass on a message. Perhaps the chef said your pastries will be placed in a different cooler or your customer would like additional drinks at a specific time.  Unless you are magical and can remember everything, don’t set yourself up for failure.  Make yourself a note.  Perhaps it’s a Post-It, cell phone alarm or even writing it in a place you’re guaranteed to see it like your hand—just help yourself, otherwise forgetting will set off a chain reaction of events.


Back-Up Kit

Catering is all about planning.  Unfortunately things pop up and sometimes you don’t have as much time as you’d like to plan—making it incredibly easy to forget an extra tong or stack of napkins.  Take advantage of downtime not only to roll silverware and all the other miscellaneous things—but put together a back-up kit. Every department (and event, for that matter) is different, so make the kit based off your department and be sure to re-fill it from time to time.

Keep Your Catering Room Clean and Organized

This can get tough sometimes, especially if a department is small with several events.  However, if the space is organized, it will not only be easier to find materials but will also make clean-up easier too.  Mark everything out in storage bins or drawers—such as all serving spoons in one and all the spatulas in another.  Then for larger objects like décor or tubs, have them placed in their own designated spots (and keep it that way for more than a day!)

When Things Go Wrong, Keep Calm and Professional

Oh no! The food is running behind or your chef forgot part of the order.  First and foremost, no matter what kind of chaos is going on in the office or kitchen, always remain calm and professional in front of your customer and any staff at an event.  If you’re panicked, they will be too.  Unfortunately things will go wrong every once in awhile.  So when they do, don’t forget to breathe and just communicate the issues with your catering director.  Between the two of you, depending on the severity of a situation, figure out a way to make it up to the customer and just be polite.

Time is Everything

Time. It takes time to plan, set-up, serve and teardown. Be sure to take the time you need for all these things.  In a rush, it can be easy to run in, grab what you need and go—as you should.  There’s no time for dilly-dallying in the catering business.  However, if you take an extra 30 seconds to a minute to make sure you have everything you need, it can save you from coming back a second or third time to retrieve items you forgot because you were in a rush. If you’re finding you’re having a hard time with all of the timing for events, Central Product Consultant Michael Williams has this tip:


One event planning tip I’ve never forgotten and has served me well was to plan the event backward and add in ten minutes. If dinner has to be out by 6:30 p.m. and it takes an hour to cook, then subtract ten minutes from the clock and put the dinner in at 5:20 p.m. Do this with each dish and task on paper before the event, moving backwards all the way to the time you arrive at the venue and fine tune it as you learn what your staff and setup are capable of, and you’ll never be late.  If you do that, catering will still be chaos, but at least it won’t look like it to the guest.”

You Are Important

If you can remember anything—remember how important your role is.  Whether you’re the chef, caterer, office worker, set-up staff, director—whoever, you’re role is important.  If you fail in some way, it will affect the next person, to the next person, which can end up at your customer.  In some catering situations, you might feel like your being set up for failure (i.e. short staffed).  Keep everyone in the loop and find back-up plans—it will make it easier for you, and everyone else along the way.

What are your catering stories and tips? Please share!