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Tip of the Day Tuesday: What Slicer Do I Need?

There are several factors that go into determining what kind of slicer would best fit your needs. What will you be slicer, how much, and for how long? Reference our quick guide below and then talk to a product consultant on further recommendations of great slicers at 800.215.9293!

What are you slicing?

  • All commercial slicers are designed to slice meat
  • A heavier duty machine is recommended for higher volumes of cheese

Amount of Cheese Slicing

How much are you slicing at any given time?

  • Manual slicers are convenient for made-to-order or small batches
  • Automatic slicers help reduce employee fatigue and provide a consistent product

Type of Slicing

How long are you slicing for?

  • Less than 2 hours or 700 slices ⇒ Light Duty
  • 2–4 hours a day or between 700 and 1400 slices ⇒ Medium Duty
  • All day operation or over 1400 slices ⇒ Heavy Duty

Daily Amount of Slicing

Globe Slicer

Slice Food and Preparation Costs with a Globe Slicer!

Slicer: Why Buy?

Ah, the slicer. Not only does it slice food, but also slices prep time and employee fatigue. Productive employees and higher profits creates a win-win for your foodservice operation, right?

Globe SlicerBenefits of Globe Foodservice Equipment

Globe is an industry leader of precision food preparation equipment. They strive to make quality and reliable slicers in all price points for commercial foodservices.

Their durable equipment quickly and effectively handles all the demands a foodservice, whether it’s slicing deli foods, or heavier duty items such as frozen meats.

Globe slicers have a high torque gear driven design, superior precision and a long-lasting stainless steel construction for exceptional sanitation.

Sizing Guide

When it comes to purchasing a slicer, it’s important to choose one that meets your standards. Slicers come in light, medium and heavy duty ranges. If slicing little to no cheese in a day, choose a light duty slicer over heavy duty, which is ideal for frequent slicing.

Length of slice time also plays a role in sizing. Consider the following per day usages to help you choose the best fit for your operation:

  • Light Duty: Less than two hours or 700 slices
  • Medium Duty: Two to four hours or up to 1400 slices
  • Heavy Duty: All day operation or over 1400 slices

Next, think about how much slicing needs to be done at a time. Is it only in small batches? Or in bulk? Manual slicers are great for small batch slicing (i.e. made to order), while an automatic is necessary for continuous bulk slicing.

Globe SaleSave with Globe!

When it comes to choosing a Globe slicer, Central has great prices and popular models in stock that can be ready to ship within the same day. All you have to do is order by 5 p.m. EST and our warehouse will have it headed your way!

Visit our selection of Globe on our website or call a Product Consultant at 800-215-9293 for help purchasing a slicer. You can also use our live chat.

Video Tuesday: Nemco Easy Slicer™

Need to prepare a large amount of fruits and/or vegetables quickly?  The Nemco Easy Slicer™ is an excellent product that will produce mounds of uniformly sliced fruits and vegetables in seconds.  It’s great for salad bars, sandwiches, pizza toppings and more.  Those who purchase this slicer will appreciate how easy it is to learn, as well as the time and labor savings.  Nemco has put together this tutorial to explain how the product works and it’s features and benefits.

Click here to view this week’s video.

Benefits of Owning a Slicer

When it comes to important kitchen equipment, the slicer ranks pretty high on the list.  From salad bar to pizza toppings, the slicer really takes on a lot when it comes to back of the house duties.  By having a slicer at your restaurant, it can extremely reduce labor costs while providing uniform results.

One of the great slicers out there is the Nemco Easy Slicer. (And just to give you a heads up, we currently have a promotion running until the end of October.  With every purchase of a Nemco Easy Slicer comes a free replacement blade kit.)

The Nemco Easy Slicer has twin, razor sharp 51/2” curved stainless steel blades, an exclusive visual thickness gauge and comes in your choice of an adjustable (1/16” to 1/2”) or fixed blade set (1/8”, 3/16” or 1/4”).

The slicer easily takes on onions, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.  And best of all, it cuts uniform slices in seconds, so you and your customers can count on consistency.

Image from Nemco website

What sets this slicer aside from others is the fact that anyone can use it.  According to OSHA regulations, no one under the age of 18 can use a power slicer.  As this slicer isn’t a powered prep item, it is great for restaurants that employ high school students.  Also, minimal training is required making it easy to use.

There are always tough aspects to owning restaurant equipment and cleaning is one of the tougher tasks for slicers.  Nemco was sure to keep that in mind when they built the Easy Slicer and specifically designed it to disassemble easily.  This makes the cleaning process much, much easier.

So when it comes down to some of the perks, here’s what you can count on with Nemco’s Easy Slicer:

  • Labor savings
  • Consistent cut size
  • Portion control
  • Versatility and simplicity
  • Quick, operator-adjustable thickness
  • Perfect for all employees as it’s a non-powered piece of equipment
  • Cleans easily

Nemco has put together this information-packed video (click here) which goes into further detail and provides tutorials for slicing, cleaning and more.  And if you’re thinking about purchasing this slicer, you can click here for the information on Central’s website.