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Nugget Ice: Scotsman Continues Luv the Nug Campaign

On St. Patrick’s Day of 2011, Scotsman Ice Systems kicked off their Luv the Nug campaign at Central featuring the Luv the Nug truck and the very popular nugget ice.  Over the years nugget ice has become extremely popular and many started to call it chewable ice or Sonic ice.  Just to keep the record straight, Scotsman was the first to create this soft and chewable ice, “nugget ice”, just over 30 years ago.

The Luv the Nug campaign began after Scotsman discovered the popularity of nugget ice, especially via social media.  People were creating Facebook pages for it and talking about it everywhere.  So what better way to celebrate their 30th anniversary than to get back to their roots?  After all, customers and businesses all over the country were in love with this ice and Scotsman was finally able to witness it firsthand when they traveled all across the east side of the country to meet with vendors and customers.

Nugget ice

“One of the things I love with the truck is actually being able to see the actual customers loving the product,” said Terry Toth, marketing communications manager for Scotsman.

She added people have such an emotional connection to the ice.

Does that sound strange? Possibly.  To some, ice is just ice.  But for others, it’s a different story.  Nugget ice has been a source of comfort for patients at a hospital, those recovering from an injury or chewing ice can be a fun small activity.  For others, it might just be something to pass the time, or to chew on throughout the day.

Restaurants, quick service establishments, cafeterias and all other types of foodservices are able to see their customers reactions to a product immediately as they serve it.  However for those of us on the equipment side, we rarely get that opportunity.  That’s one of the things that has made the Luv the Nug campaign so special for Scotsman.

Nugget chewable ice machineThis year, Scotsman has continued their campaign and have taken the Luv the Nug truck to many other cities such as Boston and St. Louis.  They enjoy meeting the companies that sell their ice and best of all–the customers who buy the ice.

Through the Luv the Nug campaign, nugget ice lovers can visit LuvTheNug.com to find locations near them that sell the ice, participate in sweepstakes, demand nugget ice in their area, rally for a visit from the Luv the Nug truck, purchase merchandise and learn about the origins.

Interested in getting a nugget ice machine?  Check out Central’s selection of Scotsman ice machines on our website.

Ice, Ice and More Ice! Which Type of Ice Is Best for You?

When the Scotsman Luv the Nug truck made a visit to Central on St. Patrick’s Day of 2011, we learned a little bit more about ice than we already knew—people love it and some are even borderline obsessed with it.

Of course, people enjoy ice in their beverages.  But with the large selection of styles now available, people have preferences.  These range from different types of ice to how much ice they want in their beverage.  Then on the other end of the spectrum, there are certain types of ice ideal for displaying and serving food on.

So with a variety of ice types to choose from, it may make you wonder which type of ice is best to use at your establishment.

While different ice machine manufacturers may have different names for the different styles of ice,  all the styles can really be categorized to the following four: classic cubes, gourmet or crescent cubes, flake ice and nugget ice.

 Classic Cubes

This is your simple standard ice.  Its simplicity makes it great for most applications.  According to Scotsman, this type of ice works well for ice dispensing, mixed drinks, carbonated beverages, ice displays, ice retailing and banquet services.

Gourmet or Crescent Cubes

There are a few different kinds of gourmet or crescent cubes.  If you browse through Central’s selection of ice machines, you will see many machines produce “top hat,” “cublet” or “octagon” cubes.

These different types of ice are slow-melting and have a higher displacement which means a higher profit for you.  They are usually found in restaurants, bars and banquet facilities.


Flake Ice

Flake ice consists of small, hard bits of ice that are dry and cool quickly.  It’s great for meat or seafood displays, salad bars, blended cocktails and even therapeutic use. From the Manitowoc website, flake ice is great for serving because the soft, small pieces of ice form around an object without bruising.

Nugget Ice

There are so many different names for nugget ice from “chewable ice” to “Sonic ice.”  Nugget ice is flaked ice compressed into small nuggets—and because of its soft texture, it’s easy to chew. Also, it keeps beverages cooler longer.  It’s commonly used for carbonated beverages, meat or seafood displays and salad bars.

“It’s more energy efficient than cube ice because it uses 50 percent less water than making cube ice,” added Terry Toth, marketing communications manager for Scotsman.  “It also lowers syrup cost per cup, (there’s a) higher liquid displacement.”

Nugget ice is seeming to be a favorite among ice lovers.  So adding nugget ice to your establishment may differentiate you from surrounding stores, which may help you get a leg up on your competitors.

Luv the Nug

Delving in a little bit deeper in to nugget ice, last year marked the 30th anniversary of Scotsman’s nugget ice, so they created a social media campaign and built a truck (Luv the Nug) to travel across the country.  This enabled them to witness people’s love for nugget ice first hand and hear personal stories.

Image: Luv The Nug

“Usually food equipment companies don’t get to taste the product they create, so it was really unique,” Toth said. “It’s a different type of interaction that I’ve never experienced.”

With their different campaigns and contests, they learned people loved chewing on ice for a variety of reasons.

“Some chew on it because they were introduced for medical reasons; people have said nurses said to chew on it to prevent ulcers from forming,” Toth explained. “Then some just went to Sonic and got lots and lots of ice, or went to a convenience store and purchased bags.  There were many different reasons which is why we looked through social media.”

The Luv the Nug truck will be touring again this year, kicking off in Boston this June.  They also have added a free app people can use to find the nearest location to them that serves nugget ice.  The app and tons of other nugget ice information can be found at LuvTheNug.com.  Also–if you serve nugget ice at your establishment, be sure to check and see if are on the list! If not, you can add your location so people can come to you for their nugget ice.

So How Much Ice Do You Need?

It’s important to purchase an ice machine that produces the correct amount of ice for your establishment. Too much or too little ice runs you the risk of wasting money or not having enough ice for your customers.

While it may seem small, ice is a huge asset to a foodservice establishment, so you need to be sure you’re set. Central put together this buying guide which not only explains how much ice you need, but includes other helpful tips about ice machines too.

What’s your story with ice? Why do you love it? What have you seen with your customers?