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Vulcan VC4

Heat Up the Kitchen with These New Cooking Equipment Products

At Central, we are adding new products to our website constantly. We thought we’d highlight some of the newer products we’ve added in our cooking equipment category. Check out the items below!

Getting Heavy with Vulcan

Vulcan HD Range

Vulcan Heavy Duty Range

Build your kitchen up to the toughest standards with Vulcan’s V Series line of heavy duty gas ranges. Central offers the 36″ model of these ranges, which are modular so you can customize your kitchen the way you want it. Choose from a variety of range tops, from charbroiler to griddle to open burners. Each range comes with a standard 50,000 BTU oven.

In addition, Central also has added Vulcan’s series of convection ovens. Choose from gas or electricsingle or double stack. These energy efficient ovens use gentle air circulation and apply even heat distribution to cook a wide variety of menu items.

Don’t forget, all Vulcan equipment qualifies for free shipping! We have hundreds of items in stock which ship the same day when ordered by 5 p.m. EST.

Southbend Tilting Skilletstilt skillet

Looking for versatility in the kitchen? Then look no further than these tilting skillets from Southbend. These units can braise, boil, fry and more. They feature a stainless steel pan with coved corners. Controls are housed in a drip-proof console.

Manual tilt skillets do a 90° full tilt until completely empty. They also have a self-locking feature. Electric tilt skillets are controlled by an electric motor-driven belt drive. Burners will shut off when tilted at more than 5°.

Southbend’s tilting skillets are available in gas or electric, 30 gallon or 40 gallon models.

Globe Induction Rangeinduction range

Finally, we’ll take a look at the Globe GIR18 induction range. This range is perfect for making omelets, seafood and delicate sauces. It is stainless steel with an easy-to-clean ceramic cooktop. Best of all, it is designed with your safety in mind! Its pan detection feature automatically shuts off the unit if no pan is detected. Seven power levels and touch pad control make for easy programming.

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Grill, Fry, Simmer and Braise a Variety of Foods with Vulcan Tilting Skillets

Have you been in the search for cooking equipment with a versatile design that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency?  Maybe you want to try some different cooking methods, but don’t want to commit to a model that can only be used in one way. Vulcan Tilting Skillets provide the option to  braise, sauté, fry or simmer foods from vegetables to meats to soups with ease.

Vulcan Tilting Skillets

Vulcan offers a product line of V Series Tilting Skillets that can be beneficial in any type of kitchen.  The V Series has a stainless steel construction with a fully-welded frame to handle even your toughest food service demands.  These braising skillets can be used for a variety of foods and can be fully tilted until empty. The V series Tilting Skillets are available in gas or electric options and up to 40 gallon capacities for heavy duty production. Whether you need to simmer vegetables or braise meats, these tilting skillets can produce quality food to satisfy your customers.

Unique Features

The Vulcan V Series Tilting Skillet’s unique features set this line apart from the competition.  The design of the skillets includes coved corners for easy cleaning and embossed gallon markings for quick measurement.  The Vulcan Tilting Skillets burners shut off with the pan is tilted five degrees to ensure safe operation.  The stainless steel cooking surface is bonded to a steel plate for heat conduction and features flat firebar heating elements to ensure even distribution. Vulcan Tilting Skillets water tight controls and enclosure protect against rust and corrosion to keep this equipment productive in your kitchen longer.

 Check out this YouTube video on all the great features the Vulcan V Series Tilting Skillets offer.

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Not sure what gallon capacity you need? Gas or electric? Or just want to know more? Check out our website to see the full line of V Series Vulcan Tilting Skillets and options available. Central offers great prices and free shipping on Vulcan Tilting Skillets for more information call one of our helpful Product Consultants at 800-215-9293.