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Tip of the Day Tuesday: Kitchen Shortcuts

Tedious tasks lead to kitchen nightmares. Have you ever spent hours on a monotonous food prep assignment where there is literally no logical explanation why it’s taking so long to complete? Fortunately, there are ingenious, out of the box shortcuts that make life bearable for everyone involved in the food prep process. Here are a few simple suggestions, but let’s keep the conversation going! Share your own shortcuts in the comments section!

  1. Peel ginger with a spoon rather than with a paring knife of peeler. Scraping a spoon against ginger’s skin helps bypass the frustration of navigating around every notorious bump and irregularity often present on ginger plants.
  2. Invest in an immersion blender. Immersion blenders are awesome for quickly creating consistency, removing ugly lumps in sauces, puréeing soups, or making your own in-house condiments!
  3. Use a strainer for cutting or squeezing citrus items! A strainer takes away the need to remove pesky seeds or skin after cutting and squeezing lemon/lime/etc. into your dish to give it that extra freshness.

We would love to hear more about the time-saving, frustration-relieving shortcuts you’ve discovered, and share them with our wonderful customers! Comment below!

Energy Star

Tip of the Day Tuesday: Energy Star Equipment

Did you know that restaurants that invest strategically can cut utility costs 10 to 30 percent without sacrificing service, quality, style or comfort? ENERGY STAR® products are those that are run by emitting fewer greenhouse gases. No matter which type of commercial kitchen you operate, there are many ways you can cut energy usage and lower your utility bills, all while making significant contributions to a cleaner environment! Many Energy Star items also qualify for additional rebates, varying by amount depending where you are located. View the more than 600 products that meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines offered by Central Restaurant Products here and then check how large of a rebate you can receive here!


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