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Tip of the Day Tuesday: Why You Should Shop Energy Star Qualified Products

Every piece of equipment you purchase comes with two costs to consider: the cost of unit, and cost to operate. Energy Star qualifications are applicable to nearly every equipment product line, from refrigeration, to ovens, from commercial use, to residential. The Energy Star label means that item incorporates advanced technology that utilizes less energy – sometimes up to 50% less than the standard appliance. This greatly reduces the operational cost throughout the life of your product.

Energy Star products save energy, money, and more environmentally friendly than conventional models, reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants. The main benefits include:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Improved quality and durability
  • Enhanced performance

Central Products is proud to offer a wide selection of such Energy Star certified products. Learn more here.

Tuesday Tip: Revisit Common Food Safety Practices this Fourth of July Holiday!

Happy Fourth of July!

As we celebrate our nation’s independence over this holiday, it is common for restaurants to experience increased volume. As Restaurant.org points out, it is always important to follow proper food safety, but this increased traffic provides an opportunity to revisit some basics. Here are a few quick food safety tips via Restaurant.org.

  1. Keep food out of the temperature danger zone

With this increase in volume, there is a tendency to bring out large quantities of ingredients to make prep time quicker. However, it’s important to make sure these ingredients don’t fall below the danger temperature mark. To avoid this, only pull out limited quantities. Shop our large selection of food prep thermometers here.

  1. Double-check sanitizer concentration levels

Any surface in which food comes into contact with must be cleaned and sanitized. When there’s need for quick table turns, this sometimes gets overlooked. Assign someone on the shift to check sanitizer levels every hour. Shop cleaning supplies here.

  1. Wash your hands

This may seem obvious, but it is the most important element of good food safety, and the easiest way to reduce the risk of cross contamination. The faster we work, the less inclined we are to slow down for handwashing. Keep all sinks stocked with soap and reinforce this importance with your staff. Shop soap and restroom supplies here.

Tuesday Tip: Know Your Dinnerware Material

With so many types of dinnerware to choose from, how do you select the one right for your establishment? This week’s Tip of the Day breaks down the basics of dinnerware and the differences between chinaware and melamine.


China is a durable ceramic material. Dinnerware designed out of china is biscuit-fired at a high temperature and then glazed fired at a low temp. Dinnerware of this type often runs at a higher price as is typically reserved for special occasions or used to create a highly established, fancier ambiance.

It’s important to note the two usual types of chinaware: porcelain and bone.

Porcelain china is made from a combination of feldspar, quarts and kaolin and is often less expensive and heavier than bone china. However, this brittle composition often leads to more chipping.

Bone china is translucent with a more finely grated composition made from kaolin, feldspar, quartz and bone ash. The quality of the bone chinaware is largely determined by the quantity of bone ash utilized during its design. It often appears lighter and more delicate than standard porcelain, but packs more durability.


Melamine dishes rose in popularity in the 1940’s, commonly used for dinner parties. Melamine is a chemical used to make hard plastics, and thus, melamine dinnerware is extremely durable and often offered at a much lower cost than china. They also come in a vast variety of styles and flare to fit any type of establishment.

Interested in learning more about plastic construction types? You may like this blog that breaks down popular plastic constructions.

Tip of the Day Tuesday: Vendor Spotlight

If you’ve visited CentralRestaurant.com, you may have noticed that we have a lot of options to choose from on our navigation bar! One of those options we’d really like to recommend you check out is our Vendors page.

We have products from hundreds of vendors, but we have a select few that we want you to know more about. From the Vendors page, you can check out the full assortment of products that a vendor offers, simply by clicking on their logo.

Our Premier Vendors represent the top brands of the foodservice industry. Many top selling products from these vendors are in stock for same-day shipping!

In addition, we’ve highlighted our trusted vendor partners. These vendors are trusted by Central to provide a quality product with excellent service, so that you are a satisfied with your purchase!

If you have any questions about our vendor partners, or questions about anything else, speak to one of our helpful Product Consultants! Click here to chat live, or call 800-215-9293.


restaurant ambiance

Tip of the Day Tuesday: Steal the Show with Ambiance

The importance of your bar/restaurant’s ambiance cannot be overstated. Consumers leave their humble abodes not only in search of good food, but also fun experiences. New York Times journalist Moira Hodgson once questioned, “Considering the diversity of setting, one might ask, just how much does ambiance affect the enjoyment of food? Does the atmosphere of an elegant restaurant enhance the pleasure of what is eaten there?” We argue yes. Without the experience staged by ambiance, food is just food. Bleh.

Styles and themes vary far and wide, but profitable establishments know how to make a lasting impression. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t just rush to set up tables and chairs. Spend some time thinking up the right theme. How do you want your guests to feel while dining in-house? Does the mood you create complement what’s on the menu? When in doubt, Feng Shui! Rearrange and play around with the seating. Hang up artwork. Light some candles. Experiment until you find the right fit.
  • Make your marketing efforts consistent. Your menus should match the environment. Your social media posts should show off what potential customers gain by stopping by your place instead of another’s. Is your establishment not active on social media? Get active on social media.
  • Lighting is important. It underscores the tone and pulls the entire space together. Dimmer lighting creates a cozier, more intimate feel. Brighter lighting illuminates what you want your guests to focus on. Degree of lighting aside, make sure it’s evenly distributed. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re under a spotlight (unless your theme is Disco Night). Shop candles and lighting options now.
  • The music you play also ties in. Don’t just put on the most popular radio station. Think about your mood, and play what fits. Cozier establishment, try an acoustic or jazz station. If you’re not already, consider investing in a satellite radio subscription. There are hundreds of commercial-free stations that serve up a genre for every mood.

View our dining room section to explore a vast selection of products to help create a signature experience!

Tip of the Day Tuesday: Cleaning Time!

When was the last time you cleaned the coils on your refrigerators? It is suggested that the evaporator coil and condenser coil are cleaned at least every 3 to 4 months. These coils collect dust and lint that is in the air and can cause your refrigeration to not cool properly if not cleaned regularly. Doing so will keep your refrigeration running properly for far longer! So odds are, it’s time to get to cleaning!


To clean the coils, wipe with a commercial coil cleaner. Then on the condenser coil, brush the fins from top to bottom (never side to side). Be sure that the unit is disconnected from power to clean the coils. While you’re at it, be sure to give the exterior, interior, and the shelves a good wipe with a clean, wet cloth. This should be done daily for the protection of your produce and to avoid cross-contamination.








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