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Revamping the Traditional Pizza

In recent food industry articles, it has been argued that there is not a traditional sandwich anymore. Sandwiches are no longer just two slices of bread with some kind of filling in the middle. Has the traditional pizza joined the traditional sandwich as a food of the past? The most common toppings of cheese, pepperoni and sausage still reign supreme, but there are menus around the world that offer some interesting choices to add to a pizza pie. With the push towards revamping pizza toppings, pizzerias and restaurants have the opportunity to introduce their own innovated creations.

Creating a Masterpiece

When deciding on a new pizza creation, there are multiple factors that play a role. First, a decision has to be made of what type of sauce. Marinara or tomato may be in the top of the class, but there are other options available like Alfredo or even no sauce at all that can spice up a pizza. The sauce of the pizza can be almost anything your heart desires. After making that crucial decision, it could be a good idea to give a theme to the pizza. Many pizzerias will have pizza themes based on the city’s beloved sports team or famous actor/actress. Having a theme for the pizza will help tie all the ingrediants together and help it resonate with your customers.

The theme can help decide what vegetables will be on the pizza. With vegetables, the options are endless. Onions, green peppers , spinach and even brussel sprouts, there are no limits here. Vegetables are not always needed to make a masterpiece. Maybe it is the meat you decide you want to shine in the new pizza pie you add to your menu.  Pepperoni and sausage are not the only meats making their way onto pizzas across the country anymore. Chicken, fish and other types of seafood are becoming more prevelant as a topping choice. Check out the article 101 Best Pizzas in America by The Daily Meal, to find out more about some unique combinations making their way onto menu’s.

Pizza for Every Meal

Pizza is not just for dinner anymore, but can also make a tasty breakfast or  dessert. Breakfast pizza can be a easy way to incorporate all your favorite mornings foods together. Pizza can also make a tasty dessert. Dessert pizza can be made in the same shape as the traditional pizza.  For the base, instead of using traditional dough, you can try it out with your favorite cookie dough. The possibilities are endless with fruit toppings, candy, chocolate and more. Pillsbury has even gone as far as introducing a pizza cake recipe! Whether making it with tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni or making it dessert style, the pizza cake is definitely a game changer!

Need Help?

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