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Commercial Toasters: Getting the Most Out of Your Toast

That’s right, today, we’re going to talk about toasters. Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to worry about a darned toaster? My pop-up toaster, Ol’ Poppy, has been working just fine for years!” First of all, congratulations to Ol’ Poppy for his (her?) many years of dedicated service! Now, I’m not saying you need to put Ol’ Poppy out to pasture, but what I’d like to do today is shed some light on the three types of commercial toasters and what they bring to your kitchen.

Conveyor ToastersToasters

The most versatile of commercial toasters is the conveyor toaster. These models can toast sliced bread, buns, bagels, submarine rolls and more. Conveyor toasting is different than regular toasting because it relies on the speed of the conveyor to determine the color of the toast. Most units have a knob to control speed, so for lighter toast, you would increase the speed, and decrease it for a more well-done toast.

Conveyor toasters typically have a top and a bottom heating element. This is a big benefit, as you can control which elements stay on when toasting. So if you’re toasting buns or bagels, you can turn only the bottom element on. However, if you are doing Texas toast, you can turn both elements on for two-sided toasting. Depending on the size of your model, conveyor toasters can toast up to 1,800 slices per hour, so for medium to high volume operations these units are ideal.

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Vertical Contact ToastersToasters

If your restaurant specializes in burgers, then a vertical contact toaster might be right for you. These toasters are designed to toast buns quickly and uniformly. A heated metal platen is set in the middle of the toaster, so you can feed buns in on both sides, doubling the capacity of a typical commercial toaster. A conveyor then moves the buns downward until they drop to the bottom, perfectly toasted. These units are temperature controlled, as the toasting speed remains constant. Different models can toast buns in as little as 10 seconds, depending on the type of bun or bread you want to toast.

The drawback on these models, however, is if you need two-sided toasting. In order two toast two sides, the bread will need to pass through twice. Still, two passes may still be faster than the standard time it takes to run once through a conveyor toaster. Some manufacturers, such as Roundup, offer a butter wheel that can be attached to the toaster, so you can achieve golden, buttery perfection on your buns.

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Commercial Pop-Up ToastersToasters

Of course, we couldn’t forget about Ol’ Poppy! Commercial pop-up toasters are great for low-volume toasting. Most toasters have four slots, and can handle not only bagels and bread, but breakfast items such as frozen waffles. Like most pop-up toasters, temperature is controlled by a knob, allowing the operator to dial in on the perfect setting for their toast. These heavy duty units are built to stand up to heavy use, which is what sets them apart from retail models.

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