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Video: About Central Restaurant Products

Central Restaurant Products is a dedicated group of people here to serve you! Whether you need a milk cooler for the upcoming school year, a commercial range for your new restaurant opening, or ongoing food prep supplies, our knowledgeable team of product consultants is here to walk you through the entire process. Learn more about Central and who we are through our latest video! Then be sure to browse our website, call one of our product consultants at 800.215.9293, or visit our showroom at 7750 Georgetown Rd. in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Cambro CamShelving Video

Cambro CamShelving is a necessity for any business in the foodservice industry.

The easy to clean, rust-free and durable shelving system maximizes your storage space. The removable shelves allow flexibility and adjustments as inventory alternates.

Watch this video to  learn how to easily put together a CamShelving unit in three minutes.

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Video Tuesday: Cooking Prime Rib with the Seco Select ComboChef Oven

Seco Select equipment is built to withstand the demands of institutional and commercial kitchens as they only use high grade and heavy duty components with rugged construction.

To supplement their great products, they also provide cooking demonstrations.  In this week’s video, Chef Jason walks us through cooking prime rub with a coffee and chili rub featuring the Seco Select ComboChef oven.

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Video Tuesday: Star Manufacturing Hot Food Display Merchandisers

Star Manufacturing has been making durable, reliable and quality products for over 90 years.  Foodservice and concession operators look to them for many concession and countertop equipment, one of those items being display merchandisers.

Star’s hot food display merchandisers are a great product for a variety of foods such as pizza, pretzels, sandwiches, bagels, pastries, etc.

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Video Tuesday: Manitowoc Indigo™ Ice Machines

When it comes to quality, reliability and ease of ownership of an ice machine, Manitowoc is a manufacturer many in the foodservice industry turn to.  They’ve been a successful U.S. based manufacturing company since 1902 and are an industry leading provider and manufacturer of commercial ice machines.  Daily productions of their machines range from 50 pounds to 3000 pounds.

Manitowoc created the Indigo series of ice machines from the words “intelligent diagnostics.”  From the start of the project, their goal was to design the most reliable ice machine.

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Video Tuesday: Star Grill-Max Express — Hot Dog Roller Grill

This week Central is kicking off our Star Manufacturing promotion that runs through the end of the year.  One of the items included in the promotion is the Star Grill-Max Hot Dog Roller Grill, which features three different types of coatings, dual manual controls and a resister with new technology that enables heat to start at the edges of the roller to the middle for more consistent temperature in products.

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