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Vollrath’s Direct Contact Heating System Warms More Efficiently

Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System

Vollrath never fails to provide efficient foodservice equipment and supplies, and it especially includes the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System.

Vollrath’s innovative thinking enables them to provide some of the best products and they certainly stayed true to their goal with their Direct Contact Heating System. 

This system uses a high efficiency warmer with heating elements that are in contact with the water as opposed to being on the outside of the element.  This saves so much heat as there aren’t any vents.

There are many features and benefits with the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System, one of the largest being its low amount of wattage usage.

Chef Rich of Vollrath explains because they are more efficient at transferring energy into the water, the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System has enabled them to use a 700 watt element. Other warmers typically need 1200 watts or more.  Many foodservices with this 700 watt element can put three of these units on a standard 120V/20 amp circuit whereas other units using 1200 watts or more can max out with one or two. It’s extremely important to never overload your circuit.  Once at 80 percent, it’s time to re-evaluate because one should never exceed 80 percent of a circuit.

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