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Day 11 + Day 12 Giveaway Winners

Congrats to our last two prize winners of the Winter Wonderland Daily Giveaway!

Winner of the Roll Top Chafer: Gerald W., Moscow, ID

Winner of the Radiance Hot Plate: Lynn P., Lodge, SC

Thanks again to everyone who entered! For those of you who didn’t win, we hope to do another giveaway again in a few months. We couldn’t believe what a great response we got from our customers, and we also really appreciate our vendors who pitched in to offer such great prizes.

We’re neck-deep in production of our 2010 Master Catalog, which hits mailboxes in January. Can’t reveal too much right now but more details will be coming soon! What I can tell you: the book is going to have thousands of awesome new products!

In the meantime, check out our Year End Savings Event – save up to 25% on more than 100 items – shop online or by calling us at 800-881-4985. This offer ends 12/31/09.

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Holiday catering food safety tips

Congratulations to Nancy R. of Ash, NC – winner of a really cool reversible black and white wet-erase marker board.

Today’s winner is going to get something really UNcool- a Fusion triple well warmer. ( a little food warmer humor, haha.)

Central Restaurant Products

This warmer is ideal for buffet lines, concession stands and other venues where foods need to stay warm – it keeps hot foods hot, appetizing and ready to serve.

It comes with three third-size food pans, three covers and a pan frame. The warming tray can be used alone, or with the pan frame to securely hold food pans. Adjustable temperature control: Off, Low (150°F), Medium (175°F) or High (200°F). There are cool-touch handles on the warming tray and skid-resistant feet for safety.

We published a holiday catering guide a few weeks ago with some helpful info on making the most of holiday catering season. It include some broad tips and tricks for catering events and parties, but I thought I’d go into greater detail today on some of the food safety guidelines surrounding buffets and catering.

This information comes from FoodSafety.gov – pretty much the leading authorities on food safety! (Plus, a lot of our product consultants are CFSP, so they’re also a great resource for food safety issues.)

  • Cook foods thoroughly before the party: Pull out your food thermometer and use the mimimum cooking temperatures chart.
  • Keep hot foods hot: Use chafing dishes, crock pots, and warming trays to keep hot food hot. Use a food thermometer to make sure that the internal temperature of the food is 140° F or higher.
  • Keep cold foods cold: Store cold foods in the refrigerator until serving time. On the buffet table, place plates or bowls of cold food on ice.
  • Follow the Two-Hour Rule: If the food’s been out at room temperature for more than two hours, throw it out! After two hours, bacteria can easily multiply and cause foodborne illness.
  • Wash those hands: Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after you handle food.

Also check out this USDA podcast on keeping food safe on the buffet table; and this USDA video about not letting foodborne illness ruin your holiday!

Come back tomorrow to find out who won the Fusion warmer, it could still be you! Go to CentralRestaurant.com and enter to win.

Our favorite winter cocktails + today’s prize winner

Congratulations to our latest winner – Brenda S. of Dresden, TN! She won the Mosa cream whipper and charger set.

The winner of today’s drawing will receive a stainless steel barware set with an ice bucket and tongs, martini shaker and wine sleeve…so we thought today would be a great time to share some of our favorite winter cocktails…

Candy Cane Cocktail

  • 1 candy cane, crushed, for garnish
  • 2 ounces strawberry vodka
  • 4 dashes white creme de menthe
  • 2 1/2 ounces cranberry juice
  • Ice cubes
  1. Place crushed candy canes on a small plate or saucer. Wet the outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water. Holding the glass by the stem, rotate the rim to coat with candy.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine vodka, creme de menthe, cranberry juice, and ice; shake until well combined. Strain into prepared glass; serve immediately.

Ambrosia Champagne Cocktail

  • 1 shot Applejack
  • 1 shot brandy
  • 1/4 shot cointreau
  • 1/4 shot lemon juice
  • Champagne

Mix together the applejack, brandy, cointreau and lemon juice. Shake with ice and strain into a Champagne flute. Fill in with Champagne.

Irish Coffee (of course!)

  • One long shot of good espresso
  • Two fingers of Irish Whiskey
  • Two tablespoons brown sugar
  • Fresh heavy cream, laced with a dollop of white sugar, beaten until it’s the consistency of custard, but not whipped to fluffiness.
  1. Have everything prepared and ready before you start assembling as time is of the essence. Get your nata prepared and keep it nice and cold.
  2. Pour the whiskey and brown sugar into the Irish Whiskey glass together.
  3. Then use the espresso steamer to heat the whiskey until it is good and hot and the brown sugar is dissolved, about eight to ten seconds.
  4. CAREFULLY put a match or lighter to the glass and flame the whiskey for a few seconds. This adds a je ne sais quo to the flavor, and cuts down the alcohol, bringing the caffeine and alcohol into perfect balance.
  5. What’s your favorite winter cocktail?

    Be sure to stop by CentralRestaurant.com and enter to win. Tomorrow we are giving away a Black/White Reversible Write-on Board.

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Weekend Winners + Day 7 giveaway: Mosa Whippers and Chargers

Congratulations to our weekend prize winners!

  • Pizza & Snack Merchandiser Winner: Diane S. of Greensburg, IN
  • Color Chalk Board Winner: Jon G. of Charlottesville, VA
  • KenKut 3 Winner: “Chef Pab” of Colorado City, AZ

Today’s winner will receive a Mosa cream whipper and charger set, a $113 value: this tool is ideal for making whipped cream and sauces. It is also perfect for garnishing cappuccinos, coffees, shakes and ice cream.

Central Restaurant Products

It’s easy to use; simply add cream (depending on your recipe you may use additional ingredients such as chocolate, flavored coffee mix, vanilla or powdered sugar), charge the unit, shake, and while holding the whipper vertically with the decorating nozzle pointed downwards, dispense your whipped topping.

It is stainless steel, dishwasher safe and NSF listed. Whipped cream will stay fresh for two weeks when chilled in an airtight environment. Mosa chargers have universal threading and will fit any model of dispenser.

Stop by CentralRestaurant.com daily and sign up to win – tomorrow we are giving away a barware set with an ice bucket and tongs, martini shaker and wine sleeve.


Day 6 prize giveaway – Kenkut foil & film dispenser

Happy Sunday!

We’ll be announcing the winners from this weekend’s drawing tomorrow morning.

Today’s giveaway is the new Kenkut 3 foil & film dispensers. Anyone who’s ever tried to dispense food wrap out of a cardboard box knows this is an essential item for any busy kitchen. 🙂

Central Restaurant Products

Here are the specs:

  • Allows for 100% use of foil or film, saving you money.
  • Eliminates cross contamination caused from using unsanitary cardboard cutter boxes.
  • Accommodates 12″W to 18″W rolls up to 3000 ft.
  • Integrated blade storage area on lid.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • NSF listed.

‘Nuff said?

Stop by tomorrow to see our weekend prize winners and the details on Monday’s giveaway – a Mosa cream whipper and charger set.

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Day 5 – Color Chalk Boards: sidewalk marketing made easy

Just want to thank everyone who has participated in our Winter Wonderland giveaway. We’ve had a fantastic response and we’re hoping to do more giveaways like this in the future. Its just a great way to thank our customers and provide even a little relief to those who might be struggling during these tough times.

Thanks so much!

We’ll be announcing the winners for Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s drawings on Monday morning. Those who sign up today will be entered to win a color chalk board.

It may seem like a simple item, but in today’s atmosphere of fierce competition, anything that can set you apart and draw people inside from the sidewalk can really make a difference.

Central Restaurant Products

According to the Restaurant Blog, the appearance of a sidewalk menu board on the outside of a restaurant is as important as the menu on the inside.

Here are some tips on marketing your menu effectively with a color chalk board:

  1. Make sure the board is in good condition. This board is scratch resistant with a lightweight wooden frame, so it’ll stand up to some wear and tear on the sidewalk.
  2. Make sure the writing is clearly legible from a distance. Remember, the idea is to draw in those who might not have noticed you otherwise. Have your most artistic person do the writing!
  3. That said, be creative – but don’t go overboard. Using one or two different colors is fine, but if you have an busy melange of swirls and filigree, your signage will overwhelm onlookers and have the opposite effect.
  4. If you’re marketing a daily special, be sure to include the price! Especially in this economy, patrons can be put off or apprehensive if they don’t know the cost of an entree before they come in, and some people are too bashful to ask. If you give them a price up front, it eliminates the chance of alienating cost-conscious customers.

Stop by tomorrow for details on our next prize giveaway – a Kenkut 3 foil and film dispenser.

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Day 1 Winner + Tribute cookware review

Congratulations to Mark W. of Marietta, GA – winner of a set of six aluminum sheet pans! If this is you, we’ll be giving you a call today to confirm shipping information and wish you a Happy Holiday. 🙂

If you haven’t signed up to win yet, go to CentralRestaurant.com every day until December 12.

Day Two’s winner will get a set of Vollrath Tribute™ cookware, including a 2.5 qt. sauce pan, 2 qt. saucier and a 10″ Fry Pan.

on our website said:

These pans are induction ready. They have three bonded layers: 18-8 stainless steel interior, 3004 aluminum core, and 18-0 stainless exterior — the stainless steel for neutral flavors and aluminum for fast, even heating.

This unique, 3-Ply construction provides a non-reactive cooking surface and even heating from base to rim. This pan will stand up to years of abuse in the kitchen – maybe even forever?! It will not warp Plus, it has a GatorGrip™ handle that stays cool up to 450°F.

A customer who reviewed the Tribute™ pan

“I use this fry pan every time I need to fry anything, simmer, stir fry, bake too! Things that are great about all of these fry, sauce & soup pans are: Even Heat; Fast Heating; No warping; Durable; No Food Sticking…”

To be honest, I was looking for a BAD review of the Tribute™ line, and I couldn’t find one!

Stop by tomorrow for a review of the next prize up for grabs: a pasta and vegetable cooker.

Get a free set of sheet pans today

We’re kicking off our Winter Wonderland Daily Giveaway today — from now until December 12, we are giving away a daily prize and posting a daily product review on the enter to win!

Up for grabs today is a set of six full size sheet pans – here are some qualities to look for in a sheet pan and some of the specs.


The first thing you want to look at in a sheet pan is the material – there are some stainless steel sheet pans out there, which is better for preparing foods with high acidity because it won’t pit. But in the case of a baking pan – where high-acid foods aren’t usually a factor, aluminum is perfectly acceptable. It is just as effective at conducting heat as stainless steel and depending on the thickness, can stand up to just as much use (or abuse) in the kitchen.

Which brings us to gauge…

The gauge of a sheet pan refers to it’s thickness. The thicker the pan, the smaller the gauge number. Your average standard duty sheet pan is going to be 16 to 18 gauge. Heavy duty sheet pans can be 12 or 13, or even 10 gauge. Heavy duty sheet pans can stand up to just about any abuse in the kitchen and won’t dent, warp or pop in the oven under high heat; for normal, every-day use, a 16 gauge, medium-duty sheet pan is sufficient.


Sheet pans are now available that are designed with a silicone glaze, eliminating the need for a separate baking mat. These are helpful for breads and rolls that tend to stick.

Some sheet pans can also be perforated, which circulates air more evenly – useful for crispier breads and rolls.

For more information about sheet pans, check out CentralRestaurant.com, and while you’re there, please enter to win!. We will randomly select a name from today’s entries and announce the winner on the website and blog tomorrow.