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Menu labeling update

A few more words on the menu-labeling controversy – I’m beginning to understand that it’s not necessarily about the cost associated with compliance, but more the manner in which the labeling is carried out, the difficulty in providing consistently accurate food content information across the board and the risk of frivolous lawsuits as a result of innocent errors in calculation.

As noted by a friend in the industry, any restaurant that makes items from scratch may add a pinch more of this or that to the recipe, making universal labeling nearly impossible; and if a staff member happens to pick up the wrong ladle, portion sizes are going to be inaccurate.

I commend organizations such as Yum! brands that have opted to voluntarily comply; my point is that until there is a national standard for menu labeling, there are going to be some difficulties, especially for smaller restaurant chains that do not have the resources of the international corporations.

States currently considering bills to require menu-labeling include Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. Check out Google News to see what’s going on in menu-labeling legislation this week. I look forward to your comments and feedback about this important issue.